Archive Folders

Users can archive all the test assets in a folder at once. Archive folders across QMetry. Archiving folders will archive & hide all sub-folders and assets under it. 

Use Case: Testers need a way to archive the folders so that they can hide the respective folders for the release and the cycle they have archived.

Archive a Single Folder

Select the folder which you want to archive on the tree and click on the Archive icon on the header.


Unarchive a Single Folder

Set "Show Archived Items" in Basic Filter. It makes the archived folders visible on the tree.

Select the archived folder and click on the Unarchive icon on the header.


Archive and Unarchive Multiple Folders

Refer to


Viewing Archived Folders on Tree

On Basic Filters, select the Show Archived Items check box.


Operation on entities

Consequence on Folder

Operation on entities

Consequence on Folder

Archive entities from folder

Folder will not be archived automatically

Unarchive entities from an archived folder

Folder will be unarchived automatically