Test Case Versioning

QMetry allows you to use different versions of a test case for testing and manage them at a time. Audit Logs display audit history of test case changes. You can compare different versions of a test case for audit purposes.

Use Case: A user may realize during the editing of the test case that both the old and the new version of the test case are valid separate test cases. The user may also create a test case and use it as a template to create new test cases without the bother of copying all the separate steps. This is particularly useful when testers are developing new test cases on the fly.

Version control feature works according to QMetry Permissions for Project.

Create a New Version of Test Case

1. Open the test case of which you want to create a new version.

2. Click on the Create New Version button at the top right.


The Create New Version screen opens.

You can add/edit the required details for the test case. If a custom field is marked as mandatory in Configuration, users can enter values for such mandatory fields here and proceed towards test case creation.

3. Click on the Create button to create a new version with details, steps and attachments.

You can see the version drop-down now shows the version number incremented by 1.

Viewing Version wise Details

Users can create versions of a test case at the time of editing the test case. All the available versions of a test case are listed out at the top of the test case details page.

By default latest version is displayed on the Test Case Detail page.

To view the details of a particular version, select the version on the drop-down. The screen populates details for that version in the detail view. This way you can refer to multiple versions of a test case.


  1. Open the test case details page.

  2. Click the Version drop-down at the top right corner of the page.



The Versions drop-down shows existing versions of the test case. You can select a version to view the details of that version.

You can also -

  • Edit a Test Case Version

  • Delete a Test Case Version