Edit Test Cases


Note: QMetry Test Management for Jira uses Jira’s native editor and some characters like backslash used in the wiki markup body become unusable by default. This is a technical limitation from Jira's end. As a workaround, we would suggest you use the 'Code' from the rich text editor to mention any text containing backslash for Step Summary, Test Data and Expected Result text boxes.

Inline Editing of a Test Case

Users can edit values of Test Case details in line. Open the required tab for the test case and edit the details. You can rearrange the tabs as per your preference.

Edit a Test Case from Test Case List View

You can also edit the test case summary and test steps from the test case list view.

  • Edit Test Case Summary:  Open the test case list view and click on the test case summary that you want to edit. The field opens in editable mode. Make the required changes and save.

  • View/Add/Edit/Clone/Delete Test Steps Inline: You can add a new test step/edit an existing test step directly from the test case list view without opening the Steps tab of a test case detail page. Expand the test cases under which you want to add/edit test steps. Add the required steps or edit the existing steps inline. The changes in steps reflect in that particular version of the test case.

Edit a Test Case Version

  1. Select a test case version from the version drop-down.

  2. The screen displays test case details of that particular version.

  3. Make changes in the field values and save.

Bulk Update Test Cases

You can edit test cases of a particular folder in bulk. It is useful when a bunch of test cases are identified to be marked identical.

Note: Maximum 1000 test cases can be updated in bulk at a time.

You can select all the test cases of the current page as well as across all the pages. For this, open the selection box on the header and select the required option.

For example, QA team has to mark 10 test cases with "Done" Status or "High" Priority.

The feature provides a quick way to update test cases in bulk at a time instead of opening the test cases one by one.

1. Select test cases that you want to edit.

If the Display Test Cases of Sub Folder(s) option is enabled on the tree, then the screen at right will include test cases of parent folder as well as its sub-folders. So make sure you select only required test cases.

The count of selected test cases will be displayed adjacent to the Bulk Operations drop-down menu.

  • Selection of Multiple entities at a time: To select entities within a range on the current page, select the first entity’s check box and then select the last entity’s check box and simultaneously hold the SHIFT key of the keyboard. All the entities between these two entities will get auto-selected.

Once you select the test cycles that you want to edit, the options for bulk operation become visible on the screen.

2. Click on more and select the Update option.

The Update screen opens.

3. Enter/select the value in the fields and click Update.

For multi-select drop-down field (e.g. Components, Labels) and check box (e.g. Fix Versions), two options are available to update the test case:

  • Replace all with: If selected, it will replace the older field values with the latest ones. For example, field value "A" is already there. Now "B" and "C" are added. The updated field value is "B", "C".

  • Append to existing: If selected, the new value will be appended on the list keeping the older value unchanged. For example, field value "A" is already there. Now "B" and "C" are added. The updated field value is "A", "B", "C".

For bulk update using the “Sprint” option, a list of boards across the Jira instance is available to choose from i.e. Active/Closed/Future.