Parameter functionality allows testers to execute same Test Case multiple times with different data inputs, without having to create duplicate Test Cases.  It replaces the traditional practice of entering hard-coded input values with parameters. Test Data parameterization allows QA teams to store reusable test data in one centralized location, Import existing parameters and data sets, and share data across QMetry projects. Parameterization of test data is one of the ways to make your tests consistent and manageable. You can create automated data-driven tests quickly using Test Data Parameterization in QMetry.

First parameters are created with their values, and then Data Set is formed in Test Case. Parameters are created in Configuration, which are populated in the Steps tab in the Test Case section of Test Management.

Permissions Required

QMetry Permissions :

  • If Enabled then below permissions are required.

    • Configuration View

    • Configuration Modify

Jira Permissions : Browse Project permissions are required.

Useful resources for working on Parameters