Installing Redis Caching Server

QMetry is supporting Redis from its version 5.0.4 onwards. Currently the Docker will be installed with Redis version 5.0.4.


  • One additional Linux server is required for Redis Caching Server. Refer QMetry Deployment Document for the requirements.
  • Get the file from QMetry Support.
  • The port 6379 should be free and should not be in use by other applications.


Step 1. Copy the installation file received from QMetry Support to your server and unzip it. Navigate to the directory where these files are saved.

  • unzip
  • cd QMetryRedis

Step 2. Execute the following commands.

  • sudo su
  • sh -x

       You will be asked for credentials. Enter docker credentials provided by support team.

The installation may take a while. Once the installation is complete, execute the following command.

  • docker ps

The following message will be displayed.

Step 3. After the above steps are completed, log into QMetry application.

  • Go to "Admin" Profile and Edit the Profile.
  • Update QMetry Redis URL

Step 4. If you need to start/stop/restart the Redis Container, execute the following command -

  • docker ps
  • docker stop redis504_redis_1
  • docker start redis504_redis_1

For more details on Redis, visit

If you are facing any issues during the installation process, kindly generate a support ticket on Support Portal for assistance.