Execute Web Services

You can execute test Web Service test cases and view request response on UI.

1. Click on the the Execute tab and select Web Service.


The message pops up once the test case is executed. Click OK and close the message pop-up.


When Web Service test case is executed, you can see the response on the execution summary screen.


2. Just expand the API Request you want to view the response of. There are tabs of Input, Request, Header and Response Body for every request.

Replace a stored value for Web Service

Users can replace the stored parameter value in their web services execution from UI which will be then referred in the subsequent calls. The feature helps users store any value and use the same in further execution from Test Recorder.

For example, the value of usertoken can be stored and used at run time to avoid session time-out errors while execution.




When executing the test case in a Single Session, the stored value for usertoken is used for subsequent requests where the variable was stored.