View and Execute Test Cases from Jira Issue Page

View Test Cases

When you add a Jira issue to a test cycle, all the test cases associated with that test cycle will be linked to the Jira issue automatically.

1. Open the Jira issue detail page.

2. Expand the linked test cases under the Test Case/Acceptance Criteria.

You can select columns to display for the linked test cases.

Note: A maximum of 40 columns can be selected at a time to display.



There are two tabs: Step Detail and Executions


  • Steps Detail: You can add new test steps and edit existing test steps from the Story details page. Expand the test case and open the Step Detail tab. The section is editable wherein you can add new steps or make changes in the existing details of steps. The changes are reflected in the Test Case module.


Executions: You can see how many Test Cycles have been executed for the Test Case with their latest execution result. Defects, if logged while test execution, are also displayed along with the execution result.

Expand the test case and open the Executions tab.

The grid displays the following columns:

  • Test Cycle Summary: Test Cycle to which the test case was associated with.

  • Execution Result: The latest execution status of the test case in that particular test cycle.

  • Environment: Environment/Platforms the test was run against.

  • Build

  • Execution Assignee

  • Executed By: User who has executed the test cycle.

  • Executed On: Timestamp for the executed test cycle.

  • Defects: Count of defects linked to the test case while execution.

  • Execution Custom Fields : Click on the custom fields icon to update the Execution Custom Fields.

  • Attachments

If defects are linked while execution, the defect count is displayed under the Defects column.

To view the logged defects for the test case, click on the defect count. It opens the Link Defects screen.

To view the linked defects in Jira, click View in Issue Navigator. It enables testers to navigate to the Jira Issue search quickly.

The page in Jira opens with the linked defects on it.

Note: The status of the Execution Result is disabled if all the mandatory execution system and custom fields are not filled.

You can also edit the Test Execution custom fields from this screen.

Click on the custom fields icon .

The Set Execution Fields dialog opens.

The Test Execution Custom Fields are displayed as per the current project of the test cycle in which the test case is linked.

Enter the values in the custom fields and click Close to save the changes.

In the Executions tab, the custom fields icon changes to green color   once the mandatory custom fields are filled.

Execute Test Cases

Users can execute test cases that are linked to test cycles from the Jira story detail page. It allows users to execute test cases right from the story page instead of going to the test cycle module/test execution screen to execute the test cases.

  1. Expand the test case that you want to execute.

  2. Open the Executions tab.

  3. The Execution Result cell is clickable. Open the drop-down and select the Execution Result you want to assign to the test case.

Note: The status of the Execution Result is disabled if all the mandatory execution system and custom fields are not filled.