How to upgrade the Storage Tier for more space?

By default, you get 5 GB of free cloud storage with QMetry Test Management for Jira app installation for a Jira Instance. You can purchase, additional storage space for the QMetry Test Management for Jira app depending on the storage tier from the following options.

  • 10 GB

  • 25 GB

Storage extension is a paid service charged annually depending on the storage tier opted. You can choose the required Storage Tier and reach out to Our experts will assist you with the price quote and payment modes.

  • You can access the Storage Tier details from QMetry > Configuration > Storage Tier, to find out the current storage use and the available storage limit on your Jira instance.

  • The Used Storage is shown as the consolidated amount of data across all the projects for the entire Jira instance.


Below are frequently asked questions regarding the storage tier

What takes up the storage space in QMetry Test Management for Jira app?

QMetry storage gets occupied by the data from the following entities.

  • Attachments on QMetry test assets - Test Case, Test Cycle, and Test Plan

  • Attachments on Test Cycle execution screen.

  • Exploratory Testing Sessions and the Test Cases created from it.

My QMetry Storage is full what do I do?

  • Upgrade your storage tier to increase storage capacity.

    • To increase the storage on the QMetry cloud, send an email to to increase the storage capacity as per the above-mentioned storage tier options.

  • Make space available by reducing the current usage of QMetry storage, by deleting older or obsolete data/attachments/sessions.

    • It is important to note that the data once deleted from QMetry is removed forever and can not be recovered.

What else consumes QMetry storage?

  • When a new version is created for a Test Case that is already having the attachments, the newer version also copies over the attachments.

  • When a Test Cycle having attachments is cloned with the option ‘Clone with Attachments’ the attachments are also copied over to the cloned test cycle.