Link Test Cases from Jira Story

Link selective Test Cases from a Story to an existing Test Cycle

In addition to link a Jira story to a new/existing test cycle, users can select test cases from the Jira story page to link to an existing test cycle in QMetry for Jira. It will directly associate the test cases to an existing test cycle. In the Test Cycle section, you can view the associated test cases in the Test Cases tab.

The feature allows users to link readily available test cases to a test cycle and without linking a story to the test cycle.

Select a test cycle to which the selected test cases are to be added and click either of the buttons:

  • Link: Select the test cycle you want to link with the test case and click on the Link button. Once the test cycle is linked, the pop-up still remains open to let you link further test cycles.

  • Link & Close: You can link test cycles with the test case and close the pop-up. Select the test cycle to be linked with the test case and click on the Link & Close button.

You can see the test cases are added to the Test Cases tab of the test cycle.