Test using Playwright

Users can integrate Playwright results with QTM4J. QMetry supports import for the framework files JUnit, TestNG, QAF, Cucumber, and Specflow. By default, Playwright generates a test results file in JUnit format, which can then be imported into QTM4J.

In case the JUnit format test result file is not generated, Playwright Test comes with a built-in Junit reporter, which produces a JUnit-style XML report. To generate the report in a JUnit-style XML, execute the following commands as applicable:

  • Bash

PLAYWRIGHT_JUNIT_OUTPUT_NAME=results.xml npx playwright test --reporter=junit
  • Batch


npx playwright test --reporter=junit

  • PowerShell


npx playwright test --reporter=junit

For more details, refer to Playwright Reporter

→ Test Result Import:

Once the test result files are generated in JUnit/XML format, refer to the following pages to import the result files into QTM4J.