Steps To Apply License File - QMetry Tomcat installed on docker

Steps to apply QMetry license file :

Once you have received your QMetry license file "license.key" from support, follow the below steps to apply it to your server:

  1. Execute the command : docker ps to view existing dockers running on the server.
  2. To go the the QMetry Tomcat Docker execute command : docker exec -it <docker_name> bash
    • example : docker exec -it qmetry_app_1 bash
  3. Backup your existing license.key to the same location:
    • cd bin
    • mv license.key license_old.key
    • exit
  4. After exiting the docker copy the license file placed on your server /opt/ directory inside the docker.
    • cd /opt
    • docker cp /opt/license.key <docker_name>:/home/qmetry/QMetry/bin/
    • example : docker cp /opt/license.key qmetry_app_1:/home/qmetry/QMetry/bin/
  5. Mandatory restart of services to reflect the license.
    • docker stop  <docker_name>
      • example : docker stop qmetry_app_1
    • docker start <docker_name>
      • example : docker start qmetry_app_1
      • Note : In case you have configured Redis Caching for QMetry installed on same server OR a separate server - connect to that server and run the below commands :
        • To view existing containers : docker ps
        • Replace the container name seen in above command : docker exec -it container-name redis-cli FLUSHALL