Manage WebDrivers


QAS provides an inbuilt WebDriver Manager that verifies WebDrivers exist on the system when the tests are carried out on Web, Mobile Web or Web Services platforms. During Recording and Execution, it auto detects if any driver does not match with its browser. In case of mismatch between browser and its driver, it installs compatible drivers automatically and put the driver in required location. Apart from automatic update, users can update drivers manually as well.

Previously, users had to manually change the WebDriver each time as and when the browsers are updated. If testing is carried out on multiple browsers, users required to download compatible WebDrivers manually and place them on required location subject to admin rights of the driver location.

With WebDriver Manager -

  • Users do not have to do manual update and download browser drivers.

  • Driver update becomes easier when administrator rights are required.

WebDriver Manager updates compatible drivers for the following browsers:

  • Chrome  

  • Chrome Headless  

  • Firefox  

  • Firefox Headless  

  • Edge

End of Support for Internet Explorer  

→ We are retiring IE support for QAS with v1.52.0. End of support means we are deprecating recording and execution on IE, we will not fix bugs that are specific to IE and new features will not be supported for IE. QMetry will continue to provide support on Edge. We are expecting all of our customers using IE to shift to Edge or Chrome/Firefox. 

→ In 2015, Microsoft released Edge as the browser to supersede Internet Explorer (IE). To allow us to continue to take advantage of modern web standards to deliver improved functionality and the best possible user experience across all our products, we have decided to end support for IE. 

→ Microsoft announced that the IE 11 desktop application will be retired and go out of support on June 15, 2022, which means along with that Microsoft web driver support for IE web driver support will also be deprecated. 

Automatic Update of WebDriver

On the events of Recording, Execution and Web Service Execution, the WebDrivers Manager checks the compatibility of the existing driver and update the driver if it is not compatible one with existing browsers. It also checks users' access to the driver location. If the user does not have the access to the location, then they need to provide admin credentials and perform the update driver operation. 

Note: Recording and Execution will not work if your web driver is not compatible with your browser version.

If the user has required admin rights, the WebDriver is updated immediately.

If the user does not have the admin access to the driver location, the confirmation pop-up appears at the bottom. Click Update to proceed.

On Recording screen -


On Execution screen -

Update WebDrivers Manually

Apart from automatic update of drivers at the time of Recording and Execution, you can also update drivers manually when you require.

1. Open the QMetry menu and select Update WebDrivers

2. Select the browser you want to update the WebDriver of.

If the user does not have admin rights to access the WebDriver location path, the confirmation pops up as shown in the image below. Read How to Check WebDriver Location Path.

3. Click Update to proceed.

4. The message shows update in-progress.

5. The success message appears once the WebDriver is updated.

How to check the WebDriver Path/Location?

1. Click on the cog icon at the bottom left and select Settings.

2. Search with browser name to locate its settings file.

3. Locate the settings.json file and open it.