Defects Report

QMetry provides you with defects report to track the defects found across the Testing processes. Defect report helps the managers or testers to efficiently track the bugs/defects and as well as maintain an informative representation of the same for presentation purposes. 

Defect Summary

Defect Summary report displays details related to defects logged to test cases. The defects can be organized by any of the following drill down formats:

  • Workflow Status

  • Priority

  • Project

  • Environment

  • Build

For Example: If a QA Manager wants to generate a report to see the priority of logged bugs raised, then they can generate the Defect Report grouped by Priority.

The report will be generated in accordance with the configuration. Refer to for more details.


Resolved Issue Verification

The Resolved Issue Verification tabular report displays the traceability of issues. Issues are displayed with their associated test plan, test cycle, test case, build and environment.

Defect 2D Matrix

The report displays a bar stack chart for Defects that are linked in execution.

Export Defect Report

You can export the Defect Report data for further analysis and comparison. To export the report details, open the Export drop-down and select the format to which you want to export the report. You can export the report in the following formats:

  • XLS: It will export all the records irrespective of pagination on the screen. Check the Notification section to view the export progress and download the report.

  • PNG

  • JPEG

  • PDF

  • SVG