View Report

Graphical View

Once you click on the Generate button after configuring a report, its graphical view opens.

The visual presentation of the reports can be generated in

  • Bar chart

  • Line chart

  • Pie chart

Click on the chart icon and select the chart type you want to view the report in.

You can view the count by hovering over the chart.


Tabular View

You can also view the report in tabular form. The tabular view provides information in rows and columns.

Click on the table icon to view the report in tabular format.


The count in the table is also clickable. On clicking the count it shows the records for the count. You can further Export the records.

Drill Down Reports

→ For a graphical view, you can drill down the chart by clicking on the required portion/bar of the chart. You can view the tabular format of the graphical chart.

Drilling down the report opens the report details in a table format.

The asset keys in the drilled-down report are clickable, which opens the asset detail page.

You can also export the report With Steps or Without Steps in Excel by opening the Export menu and selecting the required option.

→ For tabular view, you can drill down the chart by clicking on the link provided on respective counts.

The following is the drilled-down report.