Create Test Cycles from Jira Story

In addition to linking a Jira story to an existing test cycle, users can create a new test cycle from a Jira story detail page. It will associate the story with its test cases to the newly created test cycle. In the test cycle, you can view the associated story in the Story tab and associated test cases in the Test Cases tab.

The feature allows users to create test cycles very fast and without bothering about linking the test cases separately as the test cases are automatically linked to the test cycle.


  1. Open a Jira story page.

  2. Go to the Test Case/Acceptance Criteria section.

  3. Click on the ellipses (…) and select Link Story to New Cycle option.

4. The Create New Test Cycle screen opens. Enter test cycle details and click Create.

In the Test Cycle module, a new test cycle is created on the selected folder path.

The Story tab on the test cycle detail page shows the Jira story from which the test cycle was created.

Once you sync stories on the Test Cases tab, the Test Cases tab on the test cycle detail page shows the test cases that exist on the Jira story detail page.

In Jira - on the story detail page, you can see all the test cases has one new test cycle added under the Executions tab.