Link/Reuse a Shareable Test Step

Shareable Test Cases are helpful when test steps are used repeatedly. While creating a new test case, testers may want to reuse a shareable test case because it contains the same test steps that are to be followed in the new test case.

For example, there is a test case "Login", which contains test steps to check the Login functionality. There is another test case "Save Program Mockup", which requires the same test steps as in "Login" along with other additional test steps. So the tester inserts a shareable test case and reuses the test steps under the test case.


  • Shareable test cases are meant to be linked with other independent test cases. Operations like copy/move, bulk edit, execution, etc. could not be carried out on shareable test cases.

  • Shareable test cases can be linked cross projects. It means, you can link shareable test cases of one project to the independent test cases of other projects.

  • Once linked to an independent test case, the shareable test case appears in read-only mode.

  • The linking/unlinking of the shared test cases with the independent test case are captured and displayed in the Audit Log of the independent test case as well as in that particular shared test case.

  • If an independent test case containing shared steps are copied/moved, the shared steps also get copied/moved with the parent test case.

  • An independent test case can have multiple shareable test cases and their versions linked to it.

  • The shared test case can be linked multiple times to the same independent test case.

  • On deletion of the independent test case, the linked shared test step does not get deleted. Its linkage with the independent test case is removed.

  • Linking shareable test cases directly to a story or a test cycle for execution is not allowed.


You can link the already created shareable test cases as described under Create Shareable Test Case section. Else, you can also create the required shareable test case when you go for linking shareable test step.

(A) If the test case does not have its own test step under it. You can directly link shareable test cases using the provided link.

(B) If the test case has its own test steps, then click more icon for the step where you want to insert the shareable test step and select Link Shareable Test Case(s) option.

The Link Shareable Test Case screen opens.

If the shareable test cases already exist, the screen will display all the active shareable test cases on the screen. Else, you can create a new shareable test case from the same screen.

You can also select shareable test cases from other project and link them to the test case of the current project.

Open the project drop-down and select the project from which you want to use the shareable test case.

Don't link shareable test cases with parametrized steps to test cases in other project. The parameter values will not be replaced. Instead create shareable test cases in the same project.

Select the shareable test case from the list that you want to link with the test case and click Link or Link & Close button.

The shareable test case gets inserted in the Steps tab. You can expand the test case to view the steps underneath.

You can also change the sequence of the shareable test case through drag and drop operation like other steps.

Sync Shareable Test Cases

When the existing version of shareable test case is changed, the changes can be synced just by refreshing the test step section.

When a new version of the existing shareable test case is created, then you have to click on the Sync icon to sync the existing shareable test case version with the latest available version.

Click on the more icon for the shareable test step that you want to unlink and select the Unlink option.

The association of the shareable test step with the test case will be removed.