Record Test Cases


First of all, add Test Suites and Test Cases to Test Recorder.

Once your project is set, you can create test suites and test cases. You can use Recorder to create test cases or write test cases manually. Execute single test case/test suite as well as all test cases/test suites at once.

To open the Test Recorder, click on the Test Recorder section on the QAS Welcome page or select QMetry menu > Test Recorder.

Add Test Suites

To create a test suite, follow either of the following ways:

A. Click on the folder icon on the left panel.

B. Click on the more icon and select Add New Test Suite.


Enter test suite name and click Add.


You can record test cases in two ways - 1) Single Session and 2) Multiple Sessions.



Password in Encrypted Form

While recording the test through the test recorder, the password is recorded in encrypted form by default for the reason of security. You can also convert other readable text into encrypted and nonreadable format manually. Icons are provided to view the encrypted text in bas64 format and in the original data that has been entered.


  • The password encryption feature is not supported in CI/CD for the Robot framework.

  • Password Encryption does not work for Parameterized Testcase execution and the passwords are displayed as plain text.

To convert the readable text into encrypted mode manually, click on the Encryption icon. It works as a toggle icon.

The text is encoded in base64 format.


To encrypt the text further, click on the view icon. It works as a toggle icon.



QAS recording for iframe

Follow the steps mentioned below to carry out a successful execution of the page where elements are wrapped inside an iframe.

  1. Open the QAS recorded steps.

  2. Insert the “Switch to Frame” command with its relevant element. For example classname of the iframe.

  3. Then execute the test case.