Dependency Resolver Script

Users can easily install automation project dependencies like Java, Python, Maven, Node etc. through a simple script that downloads, installs and configures them.

Note: Dependency Resolver Script is only applicable for Windows OS.

After installing QAS, users need to install many dependencies like following. QAS provides a PowerShell script which installs required dependencies on run. The Dependency Resolver Script reduces time and efforts required for QAS Installation.

  • Java / Maven / Path Setting

  • Python/Required Python Packages / Path Setting.

  • Node and required module.

  • Appium and Service of appium


Step 1. Download the Dependency Resolver Script script from the following link and put it in the drive.

Step 2. Execute the downloaded script. While the run, click on more info on the screen and click "Run anyway".

Once you execute the script, it gives package options for platform wise dependencies. Select the package you want to install.

Once you select and confirm, it will install the package and Environment variable.