Move Test Plans

Move Test Plans using Move Button

You can move multiple test plans from a particular folder to another folder.

1. On the folder tree at the left, select the source folder wherein the test plans lie.

2. Select test plans that you want to move to another folder.

Selection of Multiple entities at a time: To select entities within a range on the current page, select the first entity’s check box and then select the last entity’s check box and simultaneously hold the SHIFT key of the keyboard. All the entities between these two entities will get auto-selected.

Select All:

  • Current page: Clicking on the check box in the column header selects all the records on the current page only. An alternate way is to open the check box drop-down and select Current Page.

  • Across all pages: Open the check box drop-down and select the Across All Pages option. Maximum 100 records can be selected.

The options available for bulk operations become visible at the top of the screen as soon as you select the records.

3. Click Move.

A pop-up opens. Select the destination folder in which you want to move the selected test plans.

4. Select Operation: Select the Move option and click Submit.

The test plans are moved to the selected destination folder.

Move Test Plans through Drag and Drop Operation

Users can use drag and drop operations to move test plans quickly from one folder to another folder. It saves multiple clicks otherwise required to move bulk test plans.

1. Open the test plan folder from where the test plans are to be moved to another test plan folder.

2. Select the test plans that you want to move to the other folder.

3. Drag those test plans to the destination folder holding the left key of the mouse/touchpad. You can see the number of test plans being moved.

4. Release the key you held. Upon releasing the key, the selected test plans are moved from the source folder to the destination folder.