How to change the status of the issues in bulk?

When user moves or re-import the issues in the different projects which were already executed and their status was set as "Done" however, the moved or reimported issues treated as status "To Do" in their destination project. In that case, if the user wants to change the status of the moved issues as "Done", then he/she needs to use Jira Bulk operation to change the transition of the issues. Refer below mentioned steps.

Note: User must have rights to change the status (Transition) of the issues.

  • Open Jira search issue page and search that issues (moved/re-import) by using filters or relevant JQL in advance search.
  • Once the issues listed as per the filters or JQL, go to Tools >> Bulk Change.


  • Select the issues >> Next >>  select Transition Issues >> Next 


  • Select Operational Details (Workflow status) >> Done (You can select any status as per your requirement) >> Next.


  • Click Next on the Transition Issues - Edit Fields >> Confirm.


  • Once you are done with Bulk operations, the statuses of the moved/re-imported issues will be changed as "Done"