Integration with Bamboo

QAS supports integration and execution with Bamboo for Command Line Execution.

Download and Setup Bamboo

Refer to for details.


  1. Open your QAS project. Setup all the recommended settings for the command line execution like driver path and platform configuration.


2. Integrate your QAS project with Git to initialize repository management. Refer to to know about QAS Git Integration.

3. Start your Bamboo server. Go to Bamboo home URL (http://localhost:8085/). Now your Bamboo server is up and running.

4. Open the Create menu and select Create Plan to create a new project for execution.


5. The Configure Plan screen opens. Enter mandatory project details like Plan name, Plan key, etc. Select Link repository (Git) to enable source code management in execution. Then click on the Configure Plan button.

6. The Configure Job screen opens. Click on the Add task button to add steps for project execution.


7. Clicking on the Add task button above, the Task type pop-up opens to let you select the tool suitable to your project execution. You can add more tasks as per project requirement.


8. Once you select the task, enter the configuration details of that task and click Save.

9. The success message appears on the screen if the task is created. After adding all the related tasks, click Create to generate the Plan.

10. The Plan Configuration screen opens with the details of your project. You can edit the project details here before you run the project.

11. To run the project, enable the plan by opening the Actions drop-down menu and selecting Enable plan.


12. Now open the Run drop-down menu and select Run plan to execute your project.


The detailed execution logs will be shown on the same screen after execution.

You can create multiple plans and execute them multiple times as per your requirement.