QAS integration with CircleCI

QAS supports integration with CircleCI. This article will help users to integrate QAS with CircleCI. Follow the below steps for QAS integration with CircleCI:

CircleCI Steps

  1. In order to integrate CircleCI with QAS, first, connect your Bitbucket/Git Account with CircleCI.

  2. Select the Project in Circle CI and Select Maven/Java option.

QAS Steps:

1. Create a config.yml file in the CircleCI folder in your parent project directory. Refer to the attached config.yml file for reference.

2. Add the chromedriver path correspondence with your Chrome Browser version (Resources >>

3. Commit your changes to the VCS system for eg. Bitbucket/Git.

4. Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, the execution pipeline will be automatically triggered in CircleCI.