How to enable QMetry email notifications?

Email notifications are an integral part of QMetry Test Management for Jira system, they help users to notify and communicate with other fellow users and stay on top of their work. QMetry can send email notifications to users when any of the following significant events occur as mentioned below:

  • Automation Import - In this email, the Test Cycle hyperlink is provided which will directly take you to the respective Test Cycle’s detail screen.


  • Exporting of Reports - In this email, the Reports with over 1000 count of Test Assets are available through the mail.



  • User mentions in QMetry Test Asset’s text boxes such as Description, Comments, etc.


Email notifications

Enabling email notifications

The email address of the senders and of the recipient has to be configured as ‘Public/Anyone(visibility)’ to receive the notification for the events listed above. Follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Click on the profile icon > Select ‘Account settings’ option.

  • Click on ‘Profile and visibility’ tab and scroll down to 'Contact'.

  • Change the visibility to ‘Anyone’.